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Salisbury Elks supports a number of charities through our Bingo revenue, various fundraisers, and national grant programs. Here are just a few of the organizations that we support throughout the year. 

NC Veterans Home


Salisbury is lucky to have a NC Veterans Home located in the heart of Salisbury, and adjacent to the W.G. Hefner Medical Center. This facility provides high quality care to Veterans to improve their quality of life. For more information visit


In 2014, the Order of the Elks was presented a letter from the Governor of NC for their continued support of the NC Veterans. See the letter HERE.  


Salisbury Elks #699 provides a number of ongoing services at the home, including:

  • Bingo the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7pm

  • Donated personal items and reading material

  • Special days at the River Park and Lodge

  • Various sponsorships of trips.

Nazareth Childrens Home


The Nazareth Children's Home, located in Rockwell, NC, is a charity that the Salisbury Elks organization has supported for a long time. 


The Nazareth Children's Home was founded by the Rev. and Mrs. J.M.L. Lyerly in 1903 as an orphanage and officially opened its doors to children in 1906. Presently, Nazareth serves as a private childcare agency that provides specialized services to both children and their families.


Over the course of the year, the Salisbury Elks invites the Nazareth Children's home to both the Lodge and River Park for events and activities, provide donations and sponsorship of events, donations of personal items and invites the children to the Annual Children's Christmas Party.


In return, the Nazareth Children's Home, through generous sponsor donations, coordinates a spectacular fireworks display at the Salisbury Elks Family River Park on July 4th.  

Salvation Army Ringing
of the Bells


The Salisbury Elks is always identifying new organizations to support during the year and over Christmas we enjoy ringing the bells for charity. 


Everyone has seen the bell ringers at the grocery store and retail stores, but noone really shares the joy and generous nature people have around the red pots.


Over the years we have not only given our time, but have given donations to the Salvation Army due to the good work they do to help the homeless and needy in the community. 


We are always looking for volunteers during the holidays. 

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