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Salisbury Elks Supporting People In Our Community

The first Kids Night at the Salisbury Elks River Park

May 20, 2017

The Kids event at Pavilion 5-9 pm, Food, Games, and movie. This event went very well. The kids AND some adults had a lot of fun. We hope to have many more.  The Elks pride themselves on being family orientated.  This is a great activity so contact the Secretary if you want to learn more and volunteer.Thanks to all the people who helped to make this a success. We will definitely do another one soon real soon.

June 29, 2018 - National Guard Family Day:  Salisbury Elks Lodge host each year at the River park, a Family Day for the Local National Guard Unit.  Over 100 Soldiers, spouses and children attend for food, fun and socializing.  Elk Members volunteer their time to show appreciation for their service to our Great Country.  Fun had by all!

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