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Officers 2023-2024
Exalted Ruler: Kenny Martin
Secretary: Debbie Martin

Leading Knight: Jim Kessler
Loyal Knight: Ray Griffin
Lecturing Knight: Kathy Kessler
Esquire: Julie Caldwell
Treasurer: Bob Sce
Inner Guard: Connie Griffin
Tiler: Shirley Dimmer
Chaplain: Kathy Ender 
Board of Trustees
5 Year Trustee: Mike Jones
4 Year Trustee: Charles Cain
3 Year Trustee: Rich Dissler
2 Year Trustee: Robert Schmidt
1 Year Trustee: Eleanor Schmidt

Committee Chairpersons



House Committee -  James Green

River Park Committee -  Rich Dissler

Board Of Directors Chairman - Jim Kessler

Membership Committee - Toni Deal

PER AssociationArchie Blythe

Elks National Foundation - Julie Caldwell

Newsletter - Gail Sce

Auditing and Accounting - Toni Deal

Youth Activities - Brian Gumiela

Drug Awareness - Rich Penk

Americanism -  
Hoop Shoot - Brian Gumiela

Scholarship - Kathy Ender

Publicity - Liz Tennent

NC State Home: Veterans Service - Kenny Martin 

VA Veterans:  Bob Sce

River Park Caretaker - Steve Plowman


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